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    We are working with a local secondary school who are looking to take on a new apprentice but they only offer contracts to work for 38 weeks of the year rather than 52 weeks and I’m just looking for a bit of advice/clarification on how we treat their minimum duration.

    I am assuming that although the apprentice would be employed for over 30 hours per week for the weeks they work we would calculate the apportioned average hours per week & then extend the duration accordingly. i.e. working 35 hours per week x 38 weeks per year = 1330 annual hours / 52 weeks = 25.5 hours per week on average. We would then use the 25.5 average hours to calculate the new minimum duration.

    Clearly they will need to then offer a contract for the required minimum duration but with a working pattern over the 38 weeks per year.

    Many thanks



    This seems a very logical and sensible way of doing it. I’m not aware of any official guidance for TTO workers, but I think this calculation would be explainable to an auditor, so as long as you’re doing the same for all of them, can’t see it being an issue.


    Kate Moore

    Thanks for your response Steve. I thought it seemed a logical approach.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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