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  • Alastair Gilbert

    Our apprentice QAR data isn’t quite where we expected it to be.

    Having looked at the data, we have some learning aims that didn’t get rolled over correctly years back. So, for example, an apprentice was identified as needing to get FS English level 2 when she started an apprenticeship back in 15/16. She subsequently produced a GCSE certificate, but this wasn’t communicated to our data team. So the learning aim is continuing in 15/16, but was never rolled over into 16/17 (because she was no longer studying the aim). This means that even now, it shows up as a continuing learning aim in 17/18 and impacts QAR figures – even though the learner has finished her apprenticeship and is no longer studying with us.

    Can anyone tell me what the correct approach is to getting this problem resolved?

    I can challenge the QAR data, but based on past experience I’m pretty sure that they’ll say it was our error (which is fair) and that they’re not going to change the figures. However, if I don’t do anything then I’ll have the same problem next year too. Is there any way to close off the aim this late in the day?


    Steve Bowler


    Apprenticeship QAR is based on the Programme Aim, not individual aims. On the ‘provisional-APPS’ raw data it doesn’t show individual aims, where are you seeing that the English L2 learning aim is still live?



    Alastair Gilbert

    I’m seeing that in our MIS system.

    The QAR data shows 3 lines for the learner. In 2 she’s shown with Overall and Timely Achiever and Leaver set to 1.

    In the third line, Overall and Timely Leaver is 1, but achiever is 0. She did 2 apprenticeships with us (at different levels) and has completed both successfully. I was guessing that this extra line was coming from the hanging English aim, but it may be caused by something else. Sounds like I may need to dig a bit deeper for the cause.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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