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    If we have a learner who completes an apprenticeship standard but does not complete the end point assessment would they receive any certificates from the awarding body for the units they complete and just not the end point assessment?

    Another question for a learner who wants to do an apprenticeship and has their maths and English but has lost their certificates, their old school has been knocked down, they don’t know the awarding body and it is not showing on LRS with their age. Is there any other way for them to not have to re do their maths and English functional skills in order to do the apprenticeship?

    Thank you,


    Martin West

    Hi Jenna,
    1 Only where the learner has undertaken qualifications as Part of an Apprenticeship Standard they could receive certification for any units or qualifications they complete prior to withdrawing but it is up to the Training Provider to request certification.

    2 Where a learner cannot produce evidence for the required Maths or English requirements (certification or PLR entry) then they must undertake the FS aims required, there is no other option as this is a mandatory requirement.



    Hi Jenna

    Re the FS – has the school been knocked down due to a merger into a ‘mega school’? I only ask because we had a situation like this recently.

    All records were transferred as part of the merge – our learner contacted the new ‘merged’ school and spoke with the Records Manager.

    They were able to provide evidence from the SIMS which was stamped with school stamp and signed off as authentic. This is acceptable evidence.



    Martin West

    Hi cjc1,
    Sorry the guidance is ‘A statement of results on headed paper from a school, college, or other provider is not acceptable evidence of achievement in English and/or maths.’




    “”If an apprentice does not have a certificate and/or a notification of results, the provider can ask the apprentice to get a replacement certificate from the relevant awarding organisation (there will be a cost for this). If this is not possible, providers can accept one of the following as evidence of achievement in English and/or maths.

    • A report from the school information management system (SIMS) or Candidate Management Information System (CMIS), which must be authenticated with a stamp from the relevant school/college or provider, and signed by the examinations officer or other equivalent authority””

    This is the official response from quals.esfa



    Therefore we provided the EPA with a ‘report from the SIMS which had been stamped and annotated as authentic – and signed off’

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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