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    Hi all

    We have an employer who wants to transfer all of their apprentices (all levy) from their current provider over to us.

    Will these apprentices need to complete a full 12 months with us to satisfy minimum duration or will the restart indicator prevent this from being an issue and will the DAS allow the employer to set up a new record to pay us with a duration of less than 12 months?

    All apprentices will remain on their current Standards, qualifications, and functional skills.

    I understand that we will only be able to access the funding remaining that the previous provider has not already been paid.

    many thanks



    The Restart indicator means you can have durations under 12 months, yes (although I think they still show up on the PDSAT report about minimum durations, but as long as they’ve got the RES flag ticked, it’s fine).

    See Table 6 of the Provider Support Manual, page 61.



    Thanks Steve

    It was the “new planned end date for learning aim” in table 6 that made me a bit unsure as they will all remain as they were before.

    Thanks again


    Ruth CJ

    The funding rules say;

    P44 The only exceptions to the minimum duration requirement are where an apprentice:
    P44.1 Is made redundant with more than six, but less than 12 months remaining before their final day…
    P44.2 Changes their framework pathway / standard option.
    P44.3 Transfers between main providers, but remains on the same framework or standard.
    P44.4 Returns to the same apprenticeship after a break in learning. (See paragraph P281)



    Thanks Ruth

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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