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  • jaynemacleod

    If we have an apprentice that wants to go on unpaid leave for 6 weeks due to covid (no childcare and has young children) what would this mean for her apprenticeship?

    She would be able to do learning still, but wouldn’t be in the setting, or being paid…?

    Would we have to put the apprentice on a BIL?

    Many Thanks for any help


    Michelle L

    Hi Jayne,

    Did you manage to find a clear response on this as I have a similar situation and am curious if this is the best option for now?




    Hi Michelle

    I looked in this guidance –

    Which says –

    Where apprentices are placed on unpaid leave (not furloughed), or where the nature of their employment changes and no longer supports their apprenticeship, the apprentice, employer and training provider should consider whether a break in learning would be appropriate. (See section above on breaks in learning.)

    Breaks in learning
    Apprenticeship funding rules already make provision for disruption in learning:
    • less than 4 weeks – in these circumstances neither the employer, nor the training provider, needs to report the interruption, the end-date for the apprenticeship remains the same and there is no change to the payment of funding
    • more than 4 weeks – in these circumstances, employers and/or training providers must report a formal break in learning. Where a break in learning is reported, the payment of funding to the training provider will be suspended for the duration of the break in learning
    Where breaks in learning are required, it is our goal that apprentices are able promptly to resume their apprenticeship and continue to successful completion of EPA.
    Funding rules currently state that a break in learning must be initiated by the apprentice. Employers and training providers can now, temporarily, also report and initiate a break in learning where the interruption to learning is greater than 4 weeks.

    Therefore I believe it is ok for her to continue learning…….


    Michelle L

    Hmmm… I still think a BIL is the way forward as it is intended to be for more than 4 weeks? Whilst under the temporary rules,it can now be initiated by the employer, provider or apprentice (as oppose to usual rules of being initiated by the apprentice) I still think it has to be reported as a BIL based on the duration? What do you think?



    I think probably needs to be considered on case by case basis with discussions between training provider, employer and apprentice.

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