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    In relation to our Apprenticeship learners who require a 10% contribution payment to be made from the employer, is there a timescale in which this needs to happen? I have heard some people talk about the payment needing to be made within 90 days of the Start Date, however I cannot see any mention of this in the funding rules? Is there an audit requirement for us to have received this payment before 90 days or can it be at any point during the Apprenticeship?





    Hi Steve

    P218.2 you may agree a schedule of co-investment payment with the employer
    which does not match monthly payments made by us, provided the
    employer has paid a matching 10% at our three monthly data-points as
    set out in paragraph P220.2.

    This is from Apprenticeship Funding Rules for Training Providers


    Ruth CJ


    Gaynor beat me to my reply, but here it is anyway 🙂

    There is a rule that says;

    P220. At least every three months you must:
    P220.1 have collected the matching co-investment from employers; and
    P220.2 report the cash value, on the ILR, of total employer contributions received from the beginning of the apprenticeship to the end of the quarter in June, September, December and March.

    But I’m not sure that ESFA actually do much with those quarters. We certainly don’t always have the contribution by then, and it’s made no difference as long as we record it eventually. I think you do need it by the time you get to R14 of that year though. Even if the apprentice is continuing into the following year, you need the 10% of the months they’ve done so far, or risk funding.

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    Steve Bowler

    Thank you both for the replies 🙂


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