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    Can anyone help with this apprenticeship achievement funding query.

    We have a number of apprentices who completed all of their framework components in 2013/14 but did not officially achieve until 2014/15. We were not in a position to record the achievement until after the final 2013/14 R14 ILR submission. All components are rolled in to 2014/15 for achievement funding. The only way we can generate achievement funding for these learners in 2014/15 is to record the ZPROG actual end date as a date in 2014/15 – which is technically incorrect as structured learning completed in 2013/14.

    Can anyone advise as to whether this is acceptable or if an alternative solution is available.



    Martin West

    The programme end date should reflect the date you were in the position to claim achievement and is not meant to reflect the last day in learning of the programme as this is derived from the end date of the last aim completed.
    If you are claiming achievement funding in 2014/15 this is the only method you can use as the achievement date is not used for this purpose this year.


    Caspar Verney

    I am afraid that I think (from what you have said) you are too late on this to back date this completion [to before 1/8/14].

    Having said this, I would recommend that you talk to your SFA Relationship Manager because that is what they are there for.




    The Apprentice Declaration for ACE is the form that is used to record achievement. It is the date in which the learner believes they have completed all elements of the Apprenticeship. The SFA are aware the remaining time is tied to admin function by the provider and as such gives you three months in which to obtain the framework certificate from the Alliance. If no certificate, the learner details are changed from achiever to early leaver. Please see below. In this case you have missed the contract year, but if you record the date as 01.08.2015 and explain in a file report for auditors I am sure this will be fine, unless of course the certificate did not arrive within the 3 months.

    13.3 Recording framework achievements
    438. When all the elements of the Apprenticeship have been completed and the Apprenticeship Declaration and Authorisation Form has been signed, the following should be recorded:
     All the learning aims within the programme must be closed with Learning actual end date set to the date of the last learning activity for the aim(s).
     The programme aim should be closed with the Learning actual end date recorded as the last learning activity for the entire programme.
     The Outcome on the programme aim should be recorded as code 1 ‘Achieved’.


    Alan Taws

    If your activity is completed in 13/14 but you don’t get verification of framework achievement until the following year then, according to 13/14 ILR specification you shouldn’t submit a framework achievement date in the 13/14 returns as the achievement date falls after year end.
    This has been a rule for many years – so we just claim the achievement date in the next year’s returns and we get paid for the achievement element out of the next years allocation. But in 14/15 the achievement date is not collected – you can return it but it is ignored. This seems to suggest that we would lose the ability to trigger the achievement payment for a framework achievement in 14/15 relating to aims completed in 13/14.


    Caspar Verney

    Just to comment on what Alan Taws has said above – I think that the Actual End Date is now used as the trigger for paying Funding Completion, even for those started in prior years. I cannot promise that is correct, but it is my understanding – anyone else got any thoughts?


    Martin West

    Yes it is the actual end date of the programme aim see my previous post above


    Alan Taws

    Thanks Caspar – what you say is correct and it’s a serious issue for us – we definitely have instances of a learner completing their framework aims with an actual end date of July 2014 but we haven’t claimed the framework achievement in the 13/14 returns because the framework achievement date falls in August and therefore, if entered in the 13/14 returns, generates validation warnings in FIS stating that the achievement date is supposed to be in year. The obvious solution is to claim the achievement in our 14/15 R01 return but this hasn’t triggered any achievement payment in the R01 because the programme aim actual end date was in July.
    I can think of at least one solution – change the end date on the programme aim from July to 1st August 2014 – this seems to work in my tests – FIS shows an achievement payment against August. But this means changing a date that was submitted in the final 13/14 returns.


    Caspar Verney

    Hi Alan,

    So just to clarify – are you saying that you entered an Actual End Date in your 13/14 data and that has not triggered the Completion Funding because in 13/14 it was waiting for the Achievement Date to do so?

    That being the case, I can now see that you are caught in a real trap.

    My suggestion would be to talk to your Relationship Manager because you have clear evidence that you have earned and should be paid funding that the 14/15 system is preventing you from getting.

    Your suggestion to change the Actual End Date to 1/8/14 sounds pragmatic since it will generate the correct financial result, but it will then lead to disparity between your data if comparing 13/14 to 14/15 data [do the Authorities ever do this? I am not aware that they do, so you could well “get away” with it]. Is there nothing in the Guidance Manuals to cover this, as I can’t imagine that you are alone in having this issue?




    Sorry but I may be missing the point here. The achievement of the framework can be the same date on the declaration form, so this should remove the possibility of you have a claim in 13/14 and 14/15. Here is the excerpt from the Funding Rules. We report the achievement of the NVQ and the framework based on the date given by the learner in the Apprentice Declaration. However in this case you have missed the opportunity, so 1st August is your first available chance and this should also trigger your completion payment, but place a note on file for audit.

    Completion and achievement of an Apprenticeship framework

    138. The Apprenticeship framework is considered to be achieved (and can be
    reported as achieved in the ILR ‘Outcome’ field) when both the
    apprentice and you can confirm that all elements of the Apprenticeship
    have been completed. This involves signing the declaration form.

    139. You have up to three months to complete the process of applying for an
    Apprenticeship completion certificate, sort out any queries, receive and
    keep a copy of the Apprenticeship completion certificate from ACE. You
    must pass on all Apprenticeship completion certificates to the apprentice.
    If after three months you have not received an issued certificate, you
    must amend the ILR data by updating the ‘Outcome’ field of the ILR to
    show that the Apprenticeship has not been achieved. However, if you
    subsequently receive the Apprenticeship completion certificate you may
    be able to claim an achievement at that point.



    Hi All

    I have asked colleagues for further clarification for you and have been given the information below:

    The paragraph below is taken from the document “The Skills Funding Agency’s funding rates and formula” for 2014 to 2015, Paragraph 58:

    “For each learning aim we hold back 20% of the funding, which we will only pay when the learner achieves their qualification. For competence and knowledge components of apprenticeships, we pay it when the framework is achieved. All achievement elements are earned on the actual end date.”

    The document is on

    Hopefully that helps


    Alan Taws

    Hi Anne

    Thanks for this but unfortunately it isn’t helping us to claim the achievement payment we are owed. We have a learner who completed all aims and closed off the programme aim late in July but the signed claim for the framework was dated early August and therefore was not recorded in the 13/14 final claim owing to FIS 13/14 validation rules stating that the achievement date must fall within the 13/14 academic year.

    We have followed those rules and claimed the framework achievement dated August in our 14/15 R01 return but, owing to the programme aim end data falling in July of the previous year, no achievement payment has been generated. We can “fix” this be changing the programme end date to 1st August – please advise.


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