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  • lharkins

    Hi all

    Hopefully you can all stop me feeling like i have gone slightly mad

    Over the last week i have had 3 data match errors appear in my ILR.
    I did some dogging and was not able to validate the error was correct.
    Even went as far as to contact our MIS supplier to make sure there wasn’t an issue with the export.

    Well, after a long weekend off to recover my sanity, i ran an export through SLD this morning a despite us not changing any data on these 3 learners, the match issues have disappeared however a new one, for a learner who is complete and has been been correctly in the ILR and DAS since Aug 2018 has appeared this morning with a DLOCK_07 issue. again it does not appear to be a real issue.

    Cold this be a DAS issue as they are all linked to the same employer

    Anything to help will be good. Thank you in advance


    Martin West

    You can get this when there is a delay in the employer approving a price or change or where they have put a stop on, it is all to do with timing of changes and their approval when you run the return.
    This is common during the period but the period end Dlock report is normally correct.



    Hi Martin.
    Thanks its what i thought first. but my MIS is telling me thee have been no changes to these records and they have not been errors prior to last week. We also made no changes and the 3 from last week have come off the match report and a new one which again had no data changes has appeared


    Martin West

    Did you ask the Apprenticeship Service?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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