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  • DJH1982

    An Apprenticeship Standard is “typically” 18 months valued at £6000, with c.560 Off the Job hours for full time member of staff with no assumed prior learning or experience in the role.
    An Employer has asked us to condense and 18 month programme down to 12 months + EPA and are willing to release staff for more time to achieve the full 560 OtJ hours over this shorter period of time.
    This will therefore mean the ‘Total Negotiated Price’ would be the same to us over 12 months as it would be for 18.

    With this in mind – can we legitimately charge the employer £6k per learner for a 12 month programme or will this be questioned by ESFA and Ofsted – in the sense that ESFA would expect a reduce fee for the reduced timeframe (RPL) and Ofsted might question the quality impact of compressing a course down by a third.


    Martin Locock

    The expected reduction in fee for RPL is to account for the lower intensity of training required. There is no problem with charging the same for the same amount of training in a shorter period. As long as the OTJ hours are the same as for the 18 month timescale there shouldn’t be a quality impact.



    Presumably the way the ESFA will monitor this type of thing would be through the planned OtJ hours – providing that is more than 20% for a reduced programme this would justify the higher TNP.

    Thanks Martin. Interested in the ESFA’s position on this. Perhaps Mr West can weigh in also 🙂


    Martin West

    Your breakdown (as required in the funding rules) of the total negotiated training price would confirm and evidence that even if delivered over the condensed period your charges are realistic.
    P292 The written agreement (or contract for services) between the main provider and employer must include:
    P292.1 A breakdown of the total negotiated price (TNP1), associated with the delivery of training and on-programme assessment, against the headings of any of the eligible costs listed in P101. This breakdown must not include any ineligible cost.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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