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    The Apps Period End Reports are delayed. They should be available by the end of the day according to the service desk but they cannot explain why there is a delay. I don’t see too many people complaining about the late delivery of these reports so perhaps we are in the minority that rely on the timely production of this data. However, we should know when they are due and this information seems to be missing from published documents.

    If anyone from the Agency reads this then it would be really useful if you could publish dates for the delivery of these reports. Providers have financial processes with associated deadlines that run off the production of this data so we need to able to plan around this. I think that they should be produced by the 6th working day after month end. However, it is sometimes the 7th (and invariably near close) and this month it is the 8th.

    Providers – I’d be interested to know which reports you use for financial reporting. We use the payments report as opposed to the indicative as ultimately this is what we will be paid on. The indicative report from FIS will almost give you the answer but the larger the provider the greater the scope for over-reporting income due to mismatches, conivestments, stopped payments etc.



    I am currently on leave so behind a little however have been looking for the period end reports since Monday and find the delay unacceptable.
    I run a monthly reconciliation between the indicative funding and period end report to keep on top of any anomalies and any “surprises” where there may be any late DAS mis-matches. I refer to the latter as for the past 3 months I have had a DAS mis-match for 3 individual records that appeared in the period end end DAS report that were fully matched in the final Hub DAS report when the final ILR was submitted. Clearly in this scenario the indicative report is overstated.



    Thanks for the info Paul,
    I hadn’t sent a complaint yet as i have helpdesk fatigue with these reporting delays and issues.

    Like you, I rely on the timely production of these reports, as a consultant i cover multiple training providers who will book time out with me to work through these reports so where there is a delay it not only means that i have to try and squeeze several customer’s requirements in to a shorter time period, but if the reports are not there then i have to work on other projects for those customers which often means further delay and cost in the long run.

    all of my customers are similar in that they use the indicative reports, period end summary and payments reports, co investment and incentive reports all for different processes and in different ways. a delay of a couple of days can mean the difference between paying incentives out in this month’s payment run or it getting pushed in to the following month, same with co-investment, that it could add another month before co-investments get paid.

    Ben F.



    Hi Paul,
    same as you – I use the payments report and the coinvestment report.
    Internally, we have financial deadlines and I’m now not able to provide the information to the financial board in time for their meeting.
    If we have deadlines for submission of data, then the ESFA should publish and adhere to deadlines to provide us with the reports.



    Pauline Elliott

    Yes I’ve been waiting for these all week and find it very frustrating. I’m due to go on holiday and want to sort out my employer incentives before I go so they are paid timely as due to internal finance deadlines by the time I come back we’ll have missed the 30 days we are supposed to pass them on by. Incredibly annoying that if we don’t return our data by the given deadlines we are penalised and not paid but the reports just come out as and when!



    We have also been waiting all week for the period end reports. Its delaying our management reports being sent out. Very frustrating as we just don’t know when to expect them!



    Also waiting……..



    The ESFA have now updated data collections tab on the HUB to say that they will be available by the end of the week instead of the previous message which said ‘shortly’….



    I was just about to post the same. At least i can save wear and tear on my F5 key for today and stop refreshing the page every 15 minutes.

    Head in hands now.

    Ben F.



    It seems really strange to me that we have today received our remittance advices but these reports aren’t available yet.

    The payments are made based upon the information in those reports so they must be available somewhere.



    So frustrating!!!! Pretty sure my SMT must think I make all this up now ‘no I can’t give you figures’ ‘ no I can’t reconcile’ ‘incentive payments are likely to not go out on time this month’ etc etc.



    From memory seems to be the big returns when theres a delay R04, R06 and now R10.

    More providers are submitting data (ie EFA only providers) at these times, so increase in volume at their end maybe slows everything else down?

    Like everywhere, we re all running on minimal staff as possible. Not an excuse but maybe an explanation, our finance dept are also frustrated!



    Hi Paul

    Yes – we too are waiting for these reports as they form part of our tight month end reporting schedule. Any indication of this being a one off month where they are late, or late going forward?



    Pressed Submit prematurely ……..

    We use the Additional Payments report for paying the incentive payments. I would like to be able to use the Payments report but the headings only go up to August. Is that the same for anyone else’s Payments Report or only mine?



    Ours appeared at 14:30 today.



    Ours has now appeared as well and this is the first time in 10 months that there are all the headings in our Payments Report …. so maybe it was worth waiting for!



    Ours are here too – no explanation as to why they are late so if anyone from the ESFA wants to explain then please do so.

    The new Hub, the functionally named ‘Submit Learner Data, goes live from August so hopefully this will remedy some of the delivery issues that we have been experiencing and Agency publishes monthly reporting delivery dates so that we are clear on what we can expect and when.

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