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  • Wayne Hosking

    We are just coming to our first batch of apprenticeship standards completions and have learners who have passed their End Point Assessment.

    We’ve had a End Point assessment Statement of achievement from City and Guilds.

    Question 1: Is this acceptable as completion evidence.
    I’m assuming yes
    P293.1.1 For standards, evidence of completion would include written confirmation from the EPAO to you about the outcome of the end-point assessment,

    Question 2: What end date do we used for the ZPROG?
    The programme aim must be closed with the Learning actual end date recorded as the date the end point assessment for the programme was finished.
    – Are people using the issue date on the EPAO statement of results from the EPAO, or are is it the case of using the day the learner took the test. I’m just thinking about actual end date evidence.

    Any thoughts/clarification would be good.



    With standards we are using the EPO notification date as the end date for the programme aim


    Martin West

    Yes, an End Point assessment Statement from the EPAO is acceptable evidence of completion (Pass or fail) but you should use the date of completion and not the date of notification from the EPAO as the end date for the Programme aim.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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