Apprenticeship Start Date – Evidencing Learning

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  • Jessica95

    Hi All,

    We are new to apprenticeships and wanted to confirm what evidence is required for the learning start date?

    Is it sufficient to show for example a student had online access to a self-directed learning module on start date (might or might not access this on said date), or does the evidence need to be more specific?



    Paul Rogers


    You should be looking to ensure that for each qualification you deliver (including seperate aims that you offer within the apprenticeship), that you can demonstrate evidence of learning, and setting learning targets. For your example, it would depend what the learning module is, eg not generic training that would be given to all learners as an induction.

    Everyone has their own take on this, but I’d expect something in the form of a visit log outlining what was taught, learnt and set.

    Hope thats ok for now.




    Thanks Paul, this is helpful.

    We’re now looking at something delivered live instead of relying on self-directed learning. Will involve a submission from learner relating to teaching in session so hopefully sufficient evidence.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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