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    Hi All

    I was wondering if you could advise as to the course of action you have taken with reguard to Apprenticeship Suspensions, we did suspend learners for any sickness over 3 weeks however due to this affecting our success rates we have stopped, Should we leave them as active and sacrafice our Timely Success? Or should we be suspending them so that it doesn’t affect our Timely Success but reduces our Overall?

    Many thanks in advance for your help



    Martin West

    Hi Laura,
    You can use a break if the learner intends to return, I think this is a requirement after 4 weeks absence. When the learner returns to work you create a new period of training with a revised planned end date so there is no effect on the timely measure.
    If the learner is unable to return then you will need to change the break to ended.



    Yes cases of long term sickness should be closed as breaks in learning. We generally suspend them in cases of 4 weeks absence or longer. We do obtain an expected date of return & contact them close to the return date to see if they will be returning to learning we also check them again towards year end (early July).
    Funding Rules 12/13 para 106-110 & The Provider Support Manual 12/13 section 10.7 para. 269-272 provide guidance.
    They shouldn’t be affecting your success rates as breaks in learning are excluded.
    The business rules governing the success rates can be found on the Data Service website.
    Hope this helps.



    We have recently been having the same conversation in our office and the way we have read the “Success Rates Business Rules” is that only timely success is excluded with regards to suspensions, the overall success rates are affected because the suspension is regarded as a negative outcome:

    As seen in the Success Rates Business Rules, Page 3, 15b
    “Planned Breaks, where the Learner has temporarily withdrawn from the aim due to an agreed break in learning. For timely success, planned breaks are excluded only where they occur before, or within 90 days of, their planned end date.”

    There is no mention of Overall Success so we have assumed it is not excluded


    Richard Bagley

    It is my understanding that agreed breaks in learning exclude learning records from both Overall and Timely success rates. The business rule that you have quoted only clarifies that, in the case of calculating whether the learner is excluded from the timely success rate, that the learner had to have an actual end date within 3 months of their Planned End Date.

    If a learner had a planned end date of 01/01/2013 and commenced an Agreed Break In Learning within the 90 period, they would be excluded from the calculation. If the learner exceeded the 90 days timely period before commencing their break, meaning they would not have been classed as a timely success, they would be included in the calculation.

    Hope that helps.



    From looking at our latest QSR we have noticed that suspensions DO affect the OVERALL SUCCESS RATES.

    For example if a learner was suspended in Nov 11, reinstated in Jan 12, and achieved in May 12 we have in fact only received 50% achievement (Overall) for that learner.

    This is because they have gone down as a Withdrawal and an Achiever (due to the new start/end dates for all of the aims (which you have to do to reduce the A51a Proportion of Funding)).

    The above example is when all dates are in the same year, if the suspension/reinstate dates were either side of an academic cut off we think it would then mean that in the first year that learner would go down as just a withdrawal, and a completion in the second.

    This is something we didn’t realise until a recent review of our data.

    Timely is not affected as far as we can see, however it can seriously reduce the Overall depending on how many learners you have suspended.


    Martin West

    The current Apprenticeship success rate Business Rules includes the following

    The following exclusions apply

    Planned Breaks, where the Learner has temporarily withdrawn from the aim due to an agreed break in learning. For timely success, planned breaks are excluded only where they occur before, or within 90 days of, their planned end date.

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