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    Good Morning All,

    Just wondered if anybody could advise… Within the old funding guidance prior to the new standards being released in May 2017, the guidance stipulated you had 12 weeks within the withdrawal policy and if they were withdrawn you would take them back to their last day of learning.

    Could you please confirm if this is the same (12 week period) for the new funding guidance for the current year as I cannot find this recorded anywhere.

    Many Thanks



    I’m not familiar with a 12 week policy for withdrawals, in all circumstances learners should be withdrawn back to the last point where you can prove they were in learning and engaged on the qualification. This is usually the last review as that provides a robust bit of evidence of a 2 way interaction, however a learner submitting work to an online portfolio or by email may also count as the last day in learning.

    If an apprenticeship standard learner has a last day in learning within 42 days of their start date then all the funding is paid back which is effectively the same as “taking the learner back to start” and many training providers use the term “6 week leavers” and “back to start” leavers interchangeably to refer to a learner where all funding is paid back.

    Strictly speaking, the only learners who should go back to start are those who turned up for their first session and never engaged at any point after that which was common in the past but with so many providers using electronic portfolio’s and expecting learner engagement on a weekly or monthly basis to track Off the Job training hours, there should be very few instances of learners going back to start date.

    Hope that helps,
    Ben F.


    Ruth CJ

    Ben’s right, you always take withdrawals “back to their last day of learning”, whenever it happens.

    The only reference I can find to 12 weeks in any apprenticeship guidance, is specifically to do with redundancy. Have you got a link to where it says 12 weeks in another context?

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