Apprenticeships funded by transfer of levy funds

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  • Jo Phillips

    Morning all

    I have a question if anyone could help please?

    We are getting a cohort of apprentices from an employer that is receiving funding for these apprentices through a levy transfer.

    Do we as the training provider have to identify/differentiate these apprentices in our ILR return in anyway? Are they identified differently on The Apprenticeship Service?

    I know that the liability of the transfer funded apprenticeship lies solely with the receiving employer. Just want to make sure I am recording my data correctly.

    Many thnaks



    Sue Bishop

    Hi Jo

    No, they aren’t identified any differently and you only need to categorise them as ACT 1 as they are using the DAS



    Martin West

    You do not record these any differently in the ILR


    Jo Phillips

    Thanks very much





    Hi Jo,

    just a little tip. I found that despite the non-levy company receiving funds via levy funding from a donor company the payments will appear in the monthly payments report in the co-funded column. The funding is actually 100% levy funded though. This caused me a little pain until I discovered this.

    The method I use to identify these and in fact any non-levy companies not in receipt of donor funding is to add a simple text string into the provider defined field(s). For example I have adpopted “NL levy-funded” in the field we use and this then is seen in the indicative funding reports to enable any cross-referencing with the monthly reports identifies these companies. It is easier to filter them out etc.


    Jo Phillips

    Thanks Chris

    Good tips and insight thanks, we thought of identifying them using the provider defined field which we can easily do in the ILR.

    Although this is a Levy employer that is receiving a transfer, not a non-levy.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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