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    If you have a student that does not need to do Maths and English and the standard contains no regulated qualification aims, am I right in thinking you have to use a non regulated aim as a component aim. as A programme with no component aim will give an error.

    If this is the case is there a specific aim that relates to standards or do we just use the nearest non regulated aim we can find and add that to the hierarchy of the programme.



    Martin West

    Hi Matt,
    You need to use one of these codes for the main component aim for standards where a qualification is not included or delivered.
    Category E: Non Regulated Provision (EFA funded, Other SFA funded, Apprenticeships, Non-funded)

    You should use the codes in this category for non-regulated provision that is funded through the EFA funding models (FundModel 25 or 82), Other SFA funding model (FundModel 81), Apprenticeships funding model (FundModel 36) or for non-funded learning aims (FundModel 99), unless it is English, Maths or ESOL. Use the distinct codes from Category G detailed below to record English, Maths and ESOL, if applicable.
    This category of codes is not available for Community Learning funded provision, which should be recorded using codes from category F.

    These codes include the level (Entry level to Level 6) and Sector Subject Area (tier 2) of the learning aim.
    For example:
    Z0001729 Non regulated provision, Entry Level, Medicine and Dentistry


    Matt Collishaw

    Hi Martin,

    That’s great thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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