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  • Sunny

    Just received a notification email from the Apprenticeship Service this morning with regarding to Data Mismatch.
    Went into the NAS account and realised this is due to the system trying to match L2 against L3 programme. The apprentice progresses from L2 to L3 and the start date and end date all match ILR’s. L2 is complete and achieved in 18/19 hence there is L2 data in 19/20. When sending them an email to resolve the problem, they request for further details.. I feel it’s just wasting my time especially at this crazy time near the 18/19 ILR hard close and there is nothing wrong with the data from our end.
    Anyone else has this similar issue, or is it just me?



    Yes, stupid system is flawed.

    We have another 18 this month, some that we were previously told had been resolved.

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    Indeed! I have similar issues as well that I thought they were resolved! Crazy system – Who’s idea to implement this system??



    There does appear to be a new option of “request these details are updated to match the ILR”

    Not something I have noticed before and as the ILR is correct, as was the info uploaded to DAS to start with, making DAS match the ILR makes sense


    Vicky Day

    I have had the same issue dragging on for 3 months now! They keep telling me they will resolve it and they haven’t!


    Ruth CJ

    We have these. Check this thread for the ESFA responses.


    Caspar Verney
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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