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  • Paul Corker

    The Apps Indicative Earnings Report has an error in that the “Total price applicable to this episode” does not add up to the TNP1 and TNP2 values in the XML ILR file

    I have 45 of these issue forcing the “Price amount above funding band limit” to be greater than zero, which is incorrect

    My reasoning is that the TNP2 is being added on twice. Please confirm this reasoning and/or correct my reasoning.

    I have just run the same ILR through FIS and FIS shows the expected amount TNP1+TNP2 = Correct amount

    So there is also an inconsistency between HUB and FIS

    Has anyone else noticed this



    We have found out in the last week that the report from the hub will now include any payments other providers have had for the same learner on the same standard/framework before they joined you. This is despite the fact that such training may not have appeared in the PLR at start and may do now. This is something that changed in May.


    Ruth CJ

    Our report is fine from R01. The values in the “Total price applicable to this episode” column are all just the total of TNP1 and TNP2. I think this one is worth checking with the Service Desk.


    Paul Corker

    Sorry for not being clear it was 2019/20 R13


    Ruth CJ

    Our 18/19 R13 is fine too.


    Jennifer Donnellan


    Hi Mark,

    I vaguely recall seeing something about that. Do you perhaps remember when/where the ESFA advised that the apps indicative reports would include payments from other providers?





    I think I read it on here

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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