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  • Kirsty Stroud

    I was just wondering how accurate everyone finds the Apps Indicative Reports? Each month what we are paid is always less than the indicative amount.




    Hi Kirsty

    The indicative *can’t* be right unless you’ve never withdrawn/BILed/otherwise changed a learner.

    Almost by definition, withdrawals are reported at least a calendar month after they happen, so some money for that learner will be clawed back. The indicative report isn’t clever enough to know what has happened previously, only what happening in the current file, so it doesn’t know where you’ve been overpaid.

    …and that’s before we get to levy employers who have run out of levy and so switch to 95/5 which, again, the indicative report can’t know about.

    The least worst way of doing it is keeping a running total of what you’ve been actually paid and take that amount from the total the indicative report is telling you to get a better idea of what should be coming your way (still not going to cope with the exhausted levy issue, but should be closer).


    Kirsty Stroud

    Hi Steve

    Thank you, so the apps indicative wouldn’t reconcile the previous months?
    I use the payments to workout what has been paid and split by our different programmes.




    Correct, the indicative is just looking at your data as it is right now, it can’t know what it looked like previously.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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