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    Hi All

    I have noticed some discrepancies in this month’s funding reports and I’m struggling to work out where they have come from.

    I have managed to work out which learners are earning us less money than we have been paid in previous months, both for their on programme payments and their framework uplift payments. We have a number of learners who have been transferred to us from failed providers, and it is only these learners who are showing as different and it is every one of them (functional skills payments have remained the same). All all of their data has remained the same from last month to this.

    Using the standard funding formulae that I understand I am confident with the amounts that we have been paid previously but I am totally lost as to why we have had a reduction in our monthly payments at this point.

    The only possible reason that I can think of for this is that the ESFA have now taken into consideration the funding that was earned at their previous provider and have reduced our funding accordingly. We have, of course, already reduced the funding we are claiming to account for this.

    Have the funding reports changed to factor in funding paid by previous providers, and if they have why now?

    I have little doubt that we’re alone here, and I will send a version of this message to the Data Service to ask what has happened. I will update this thread with any response.



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