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    Hi, is anyone using Aptem, and been through a successful financial ESFA audit? The agreements/commitment statement seem lightweight, so just checking the ESFA have been happy with them in the past.

    Many thanks



    Hi – we use Aptem, not been through an audit yet though…..

    We won’t use the CS contained with Aptem as from my perspective it isn’t compliant with the rules and also contains personal information that shouldn’t be visible. Aptem are looking into this and intend seeking views of its users on how they can improve it; Aptem also have UVACs CS within the system which you could choose to use.

    We have our own version that we populate and have found a work around in Aptem to then upload against ‘compliance documents’ so it registers as contributing to compliance requirements.



    Thank you for the reply, do you mind me asking in what way you don’t believe them to be compliant?



    It doesn’t contain any reference to a subcontractor and what content they will deliver, subsequently it doesn’t contain a signature declaration for the subcontractor to sign. Conversely it does contain the apprentices NI and DOB which are not necessary as this data is held elsewhere by both the employer and training provider so could breach GDPR.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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