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    Any providers out there using Aptem or OneFile. I’d be interested to get some feedback on the ease of use, functionality or any main differences anyone might be aware of.




    I’d be interested in this too. We’ve had a demo of Aptem, and from the ILR perspective it looked mostly OK apart from the fact you can’t do bulk updates of records: you *have* to go into each one individually. The guys giving the demo didn’t think this would be a problem as all data will be perfect when it is first entered and will never change. Once I stopped laughing they conceded that maybe they would look into this for a future update. It’s a very new product and they are still finding their feet with it all. Our apprenticeship partnership team liked the look of everything that they would use it for.



    Thanks for your feedback joannab. Just out of curiosity what do you mean by bulk update of records? We are fairly new to delivery so it is difficult for me to understand a scenario where you might need to update a number of ILR records at the same time.




    I agree it’s fairly rare that you will need to update absolutely every record in one go, but it’s pretty common to have to update a subset of records to correct a data entry issue or fix an ILR error. Maybe a course was set up with the wrong planned end date for example, or there’s a typo in an employer ID or cohort reference. Maybe you are a multi-site provider and you put the delivery location of a programme as being at one site when it’s actually another. Maybe a field is blank and needs a value of ‘unknown’ added.

    In terms of non-human error issues, perhaps you don’t know your end point assessment organisation when an apprenticeship begins and you have to enter it later. Rather than add it to a the enrolments in bulk you will have to go into each individually and add it. It’s not a problem if you have 5 apprentices on a given programme, but it’s much more of an issue if you have 50 or 500.



    Also looking at Aptem and could do with some pointers 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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