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    As an levy paying employer would someone be able to confirm or point me to the correct guidance document to when an employer can pause or stop an apprentices.

    We have a number of completed apprentices on our DAS account still showing ‘live’, advice from the help desk was as an employer not to pause or stop apprentice, this should always be done by the provider but that would only show on the providers account but how should the provider inform the employer?

    I would think if an employer puts a pause on an apprentice it would then flag on the providers data match report and alert the training provider there is an issue.

    Any advice would be appreciated.




    Martin West

    Ruth CJ

    As a provider, I’d advise you to never Stop or Pause a DAS record unless you’ve agreed that with the provider (or you have a dispute with them that you can’t resolve, in which case I’d Pause to begin with as it’s reversible, Stops aren’t).

    Once the provider has fully closed the apprenticeship, it will appear as completed on your records. That can sometimes take a little while because it can only be done once the EPA has been completed, the provider then has to do an admin bit, and we only report data once a month. If it’s been longer than 6 weeks since the EPA was completed, and it’s still live, I’d suggest you contact the provider directly to see what’s going on. They do get notified if you paused, but where I work it’s my team that pick up the pause, but we don’t deal with the completions, so we’d have to raise it with someone else as a query.

    The original design was that DAS records would sit as Live forever, even when finished, but they realised that was a bad idea.



    Thanks Ruth & Martin

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