Assessment costs

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  • simonl

    If an EPAO has not yet been selected do we record the full funding band under training cost and then change this once an EPAO and assessment cost has been agreed? I can see the below in the support manual but it does not say what we put as the TNP2. Is this 0 and then TNP 1 would be the full amount being claimed? Also point 623 does this mean we can collect co investment but can’t record it until an EPAO and assessment cost is agreed?

    622. The assessment price (TNP2 or 4) must not be recorded until the end point
    assessment organisation has been identified. If the assessment price and end
    point assessment organisation have not been agreed at the start of the
    programme, then this can be recorded on the ILR at a later point; an estimated
    assessment cost should not be recorded.
    623. The assessment price and organisation must be recorded on the ILR before any
    assessment co-investment payments (PMR2) can be recorded.


    Martin West

    You should only record the agreed training costs in TNP1 and not the cap, you would update/add the assessment costs when known.
    623 refers to the co-investment payments for assessment (PMR2), you can record co-investment towards training costs (PMR1) prior to the assessment organisation and price being recorded.



    Thank you Martin

    Will that not mean we receive less funding each month? If its a 5k funding band and we enter TNP1 as £4200 and do not have a TNP2 they will work the funding out from the £4200 rather than the £5000


    Martin West

    That is the problem when you do not agree the assessment organisation at start but when you enter the TNP2 the payments for the year will be re-calculated and the balance not received will be paid to you.


    Sue Bishop

    It won’t make any difference as you receive 80% of the TNP1 and 80% of the TNP2 over the duration of the programme. You then get 20% of the TNP1 and 20% of the TNP2 on achievement.

    Amounts to exactly the same OPP each month.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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