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    We’ve got an international employer who would like to take on some Apprentices but have a headcount cap placed on them. They’ve asked whether it would be possible for the learners to be employed by our ATA and for them to transfer the levy funding to us for the training.

    I’ve read the various guidance’s and whilst I can see that we can’t transfer our levy funding to an employer and also do the training I can’t see any reference over transfers going the other way. i.e. Employer transferring levy to a provider who is both the ATA employer and trainer.

    Has anyone come across this scenario before?



    Good afternoon pmoody

    I submitted a similar query to ESFA and the following was their response.

    “An employer can only use their levy to pay for training for employees that are employed directly by them/on their payroll. Employers can transfer their levy funds to an Apprentices Training Agency.”

    So the employer will be transferring their 10% of funds to our ATA. The ATA is then classed as the “employer” and enters the learner details into ATA digital account. Then the ATA links the learners to the Training Provider.

    By the way the Transfer Funds available will be 25% from April 2019.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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