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    I know audits are off while we’re in lockdown but I’d like to hear from any providers that subcontracts their provison and had a ESFA audits prior to lockdown.

    Just wondering if the Auditor looked at this years rule regarding the Prime having to deliver to the employer and it not being token.

    My organisation is following this rule but I’m curious to how pedantic an auditor will be in terms of the ratio between the prime and Subcontractor.

    For example we have one employer where we’re delivering to 6 apprentices and the Subcontractor is delivering to 15 learners (as we don’t have the occupational competency for the qual), I worry the spilt should be in reverse but what can you do when that is what the employer wants, turn away the business?



    [suck teeth]

    The employer should be dealing with the subby directly to deliver those 15 really… I think you could probably successfully argue that 28% is “more than a token amount” but I also suspect it will be a hassle…

    Are you doing *anything* for those 15? Wider pastoral/prevent type support? H&S in the workplace? Additional learning Support? Is there an on-going relationship where these 15 are just a one off and your 6 are part of a larger cohort over a period of years (or is this, at least, the plan?)?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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