BiL and co-investment contributions

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  • Sue Bishop

    Morning all.

    By and large, as we are mainly dealing with one learner at one employer, we invoice 100% co-investment at the beginning of programme and by and large the employer pays it. I contacted the service desk because when the learner returns to learning, to the same employer, reports indicate that they don’t seem to be picking up my PMR1 figures. I use the learner entry tool. I asked them if I needed to re-enter the PMR details on the second episode of learning; my concern being that achievement payments would not be paid at the appropriate time.

    I was instructed by the service desk that when the learner goes on a BiL that I should refund the proportion of co-investment and when the learner returns, I should re-invoice the employer – can anyone confirm if they are doing this? I totally get it when there is a change of employer, but really – refund and re-invoice?

    Really interested to hear what you guys are all doing.



    Martin West

    Hi Sue,
    It is not in line with the guidance, but one way is to proportion the co-investment received over the two periods, this will require a credit back to the employer PMR 3 and recredit as a payment PMR 1/2 in your accounts but this should keep auditors happy.


    Sue Bishop

    Thanks, Martin, that makes more sense, I’ll use that suggestion 🙂



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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