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    Hi All,

    we have an FM36 learner who has been on long term sick but we have just been notified of this after months of chasing.
    They plan on putting another cohort on our course later this year. What would be the best action to take….. break in learning and restart when the new cohort starts or finish and add as a restart when the others start?

    Many thanks



    Hi Emma, you will need to put the learner on a break in learning and the date to put down for this would be the last day of learning activity they had, but only if you are sure they will be returning. If not they will need to be withdrawn and then if they re-start you will need to calculate the % of the funding you have already received when you add them as a new starter. If you put them down as a break, when they return the software you use should automatically recalculate the % of funding left.

    If they are live now then you would have been receiving monthly OPPs for them, so the ILR will recalculate what has to be paid back to the ESFA. Hope this helps

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    Martin West

    Hi Emma,
    The rationale behind a BIL is to suspend payments until the Apprentice returns and it is required that the Employer agrees to a BIL and that the Apprentice intends to return to training.

    You would be expected to have procedures in place to pickup any absences of over 4 weeks that would result in an Apprentice not being in learning and not entitled to be included in the ILR claim in the respective month. In the event the Employer had agreed to a BIL for the period then this would be recorded in the respective ILR but where not the Apprentice should be withdrawn.

    In any event the Apprentice can either restart or return from the BIL but this would be when the Apprentice returns with their employer and not dependant on where you can restart training with a new cohort with the training provider.



    Most hopeful, thank you both.

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