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    Good morning all,
    I am working on a breakdown of EFA Funding for each qualification. I understand that the FIS at Learning Delivery level do not have the annual planned hour for each qualification. Is there somewhere in FIS that will have this annual planned hours for each qualification so that I can perform this,

    EFA Funding of each qualification = (Annual Planned Hours * EFA_OnProgrammeFunding)/Learner_TotalPlannedHours

    Thanks in advance…


    Tony Braithwaite

    Hi Ting,

    This is one of the disavantages of whole student funding, it’s not so easy to attribute income to individual qualifications. A student taking 5 A levels with say 700 hours of study programme will receive the same amount of funding as one doing 3 A Levels and a study programme of 540 hours so effectively the student with 5 A levels is contributing less to each subject than the one with 3 A Levels.

    If you really want to break down the income to qualification level then I suggest that you apportion the total funding generated by the number of hours that each qualification is being delivered in. Annual hours for each qualification is no longer include in the ILR so you will not be able to do this directly with the FIS derived data, you will have to link it back to your own data where presumably you have annual hours recorded in order to determine the programme hours anyway.

    If you really need to apportion income to departments then it might be more realistic to apportion the whole student income to the department that delivers the core qualification, but that will be dependent on your college structure.





    In previous years there used to be the A32 (Guided Learning Hours field from which annual hours could be derived but the current ILR record structure does not cater for the recording of learning hours at the aim level.
    If you wish to pursue your ratio of hours strategy you could write a query in your student record system to evaluate annual hours per learner per aim, populate one of the learning delivery fields in the ILR file with these values, then pick up these values when you export the mdb file from FIS.
    If you do use your ratio of hours strategy then you will still have issues to decide upon :-
    a) should you allocate any funding, or a proportion of funding, to an aim where the learner has withdrawn from that aim,
    b) should you cater for a programme weighting factor per aim to give a fairer distribution of funding to departments.
    c) should you allocate funding to work experience/tutorial aims – you won’t even have tutorial aims (CMISC001) in the ILR.




    Thanks… This is the problem of performing calculation on Student level… A lot of difficult questions but no easy answer… I think the FIS is designed to do that precisely.. I wonder what will happen if College gets the TotalPlannedHours wrong and how the audit procedure can pick up this problem…. I am now reading the technical specification of FIS document and interesting to see how the FIS works out the funding…. Working backward of course…




    Dear all,
    The answer is to follow the FIS calculation and use the number of days instead of the annual planned hours… All we need is to work out the proportion of days per qualification….


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