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  • Eleanor Spence

    We have a learner who is a late achiever and now suffering from depression so is currently not in a position to be able to complete the qualification. Ordinarily a break in learning would be the thing to do but is this still the correct thing to do for a late achiever. We are past the planned end date and normally our MI system would produce a new planned end date when the learner returns to learning. With this one being past the planned end date I’m not sure if a break in learning is the right thing to do and if the system would produce a new planned end date in this instance. I can’t see anything in the funding rules and guidance on this.


    Martin West

    Hi Eleanor,
    Although a BIL is primary intended to be used to stop funding I see no reason why it would not be applicable in this case.


    Ruth CJ

    I think, as Martin says, there’s nothing explicitly stopping you from doing this. Is this AEB or Apprenticeship? When they return, you need to make sure you’re not claiming any more on-programme money, as you’ll already have had it all. I think an apprenticeship framework will sort itself out based on restart indicator and original start date, but if it’s the English and maths component of an apprenticeship, or AEB, then you’ll need to reduce the proportion of funding.

    Just found this in the AEB Funding Rate and Formula;

    Recognition of prior learning
    23. If you record data in the ‘Funding adjustment for prior learning’ field on the ILR, we change the funding formula to reflect this. However, it does not change learning support funding.
    24. If the learning aim does not use the restart indicator, we reduce the achievement funding as well as the monthly instalments. This is because we assume the learner has earned some achievement within the prior learning.
    25. If the learning aim uses the restart indicator, we reduce the monthly instalments, but the achievement funding stays at 20% of the full funding rate.

    So, if it’s AEB, you should be able to put zero in the Funding adjustment for prior learning, and still get the achievement payment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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