Breaks in Learning Past Exp End Date

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  • Does anyone know whether you can put breaks in learning in the system past the exp end date?



    Hi Laura
    I didn’t think you need to put a BIL as if they are past their end date all of the funding has already being paid / claimed?


    Yes the funding would have been claimed for on prog, it’s just the achievement payment we wouldn’t get. My question really is that the team want to mark someone as a BIL and it was whether we could really?


    Ruth CJ

    The strict rule is that you can’t put someone on a BIL once they’re at gateway. If an apprentice still has some delivery to be done, and they’re just far behind, then you can put them on a BIL. The key thing is, when you record a restart, is there going to be any duration? Since the PED represents end of learning, if they’ve already done all their learning, there would be a duration of nothing, and it wouldn’t be a restart.


    Thanks Ruth



    Hi Laura you can do this as we do it. Our regional teams sometimes want to do this to save having an out of funding showing on their lists although it makes no difference really as funding is not being claimed but it keeps them happy.


    Ruth CJ

    simonl – That sounds extremely dodgy! Remember Breaks in learning (under normal circumstances) have to be the apprentice’s decision. Also, if you put them on a BIL, you have to do some delivery once you restart them. You cannot still be doing delivery whilst the student is on a BIL. Read the diagram on page 53 of the funding rules. If you do stop delivery, you’re only going to have to restart delivery at some point, and then they’ll be back under the “out of funding” situation for the remaining delivery period.

    If our teams tried to do this, I would point blank refuse, as I think you’d get into all sorts of trouble at audit. It doesn’t even help them in any way, so why would they want it?



    Hi Ruth I don’t think I worded my message fully. Don’t worry we are not doing anything dodgy, these cases are requested by the learner for example they are in gateway but then go off sick as an example. We had one the other month who was due to give birth and it came early. Rather than the learner being in gateway for 6 months we used a break. When they come back then yes they are still out of funding but a few sessions to get them caught up and they then get booked for EPA.


    Ruth CJ

    Ah! It sounded like the teams just asked you to use a break when anyone went out of funding!

    I never know how close to the gateway is too close. Is a week of lessons enough to really call it a restart?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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