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  • Simon France

    A recent communication from the SFA said the new Business Intelligence user role would be on the Hub from 25th January and we were to encourage our super-users to allocate it to staff.

    I have encouraged my super-user to allocate it to me today but she says she can’t find the role.

    Before I log a call, has anyone been able to allocate it to someone yet?



    I found it by using the [search] button next to the roles box of the user in the manage user screen
    (Manage Users>Change User>ISP Person)
    Leaving the role search value (Change User>Select Organisational Roles) blank brought back “BI Hub User”


    Simon France

    Thank you. She did try searching but I think she used ‘Business Intelligence’ in full. I’ll pass on your advice.


    Simon Cruddace

    Doesn’t appear when I search.
    “No matches were found for the specified search criteria”
    Tried both name and description, leaving blank, putting a *, even typing in BI Hub User and variants of (B* etc).
    No sign of the role.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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