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  • EmilyAL

    I wonder if someone can advise on how we should be calculating an apprentice’s 20% off the job hours, specifically, do we deduct time for their annual leave allowance?

    We believed the 20% should be calculated using their full contracted hours:
    e.g. 37 hours per week X 52 weeks = 1924 hours x20% = 384.8 hours to be off the job.

    However when speaking with another provider, they are discounting days on annual leave:
    e.g. 37 hours per week X 48 (52-4 weeks annual leave) = 1776 x20% = 355.2 hours to be off the job.

    I cannot find anything in the funding rules that specifies whether we can deduct annual leave allowance or not. Clearly it makes a huge difference to the amount of hours we need to evidence, so if we can allow for it we will – but similarly do not want to be caught out if we shouldn’t be!

    Any guidance appreciated.


    Sue Scott

    We are having the same discussions!!!
    Could someone please clarify
    We are leaning toward the full 52 weeks
    Thank You



    Hi Sue,

    It is a lot clearer in the new Funding Rules:
    P35. If planned off-the-job training is unable to take place as scheduled, you must ensure
    this is rearranged. All off-the-job training must take place during paid hours.
    Apprentices may choose to spend additional time on training outside their paid hours,
    but this must not be required to complete the apprenticeship.
    P36. At least 20% of the apprentice’s paid hours, over the planned duration of the
    apprenticeship, must be spent on off-the-job training. Apprentices may need more
    than 20% off-the-job training (see paragraph P37). Evidence must be available to
    support the training delivered. By paid hours we mean the apprentice’s contracted
    hours (e.g. 30 hours per week x 52 weeks x 0.2 = 312 hours off-the-job training per
    Basically, it is calculated for all ‘paid’ contracted hours, so includes holidays, but doesn’t include irregular overtime.





    Has this changed? I’m looking at the ‘Apprenticeship funding rules for training providers’ 18/19 document and paragraph 32 states the following:

    “When calculating the required amount of off-the-job training, the apprentice’s statutory leave entitlement should be deducted.”



    It does look that way, but would not apply until 1st August 2018 and from looking at the changes document will be applied to new starts from 1st August and not retrospectively.



    Yes it has changed for the new Funding Rules 18/19 from 1st August 2018 you allow for annual leave.

    The 17/18 Funding Rules from 1st May 2017 remain unchanged and you do NOT allow for annual leave.

    Crazy but true!



    I guess if I wanted consistency I wouldn’t be working in this sector.

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