Calculating cost when DA transfers to Traditional course

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  • cmarshall

    Hi all,

    Hoping someone can offer some guidance.

    We have an apprentice (degree level) who is wanting to transfer from the DA onto the traditional degree route.

    We are unsure how to calculate his fees for the traditional route and where the 20% comes into play.

    For example, if he has studied on the DA route for a year, then we have only been paid 80% of the yearly fee and so when we are calculating the fees for the tradiotnal route, do we add the 20% on or do we just take that as a loss?

    I hope this makes sense, it was a bit of a brain dump!



    Martin West

    Surely you would calculate this from the standard fee and percentage of the traditional degree to be delivered and not from any funding you had previously received?



    Hi Martin,

    This is what we originally thought but, we would only had received 80% of the TNP from his employer through the levy and so we are losing 20% of the yearly fee.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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