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    Please can someone help (I am pretty sure I know the answer but want to check!)

    If an apprentice who started in Sept 18 is considering changing their employer but they only have 6mths left on their practical period before gateway, can they change but still continue on their apprenticeship?

    They would be staying on the same standard.




    Martin Locock

    Yes it’s the length of the learning aim that must be 12 months+



    A learner can change their employer since the funding rules update earlier in the year. However there can only be a break of less then 30 days between the two employments. So if they leave their employer and it takes them 31 days to find their new job they wouldn’t be able to start a new apprenticeship as there is a minimum 12 month length of an apprenticeship and their previous training would mean they’d be able to complete the new apprenticeship in six months.


    Ruth CJ

    Apprentices have always been able change employer whenever they like if there was no gap. The new rule recently introduced was specially where there was a gap between employers. A change of employer with no gap makes no difference to the enrolment itself, and therefore makes no odds to the duration.



    So, here’s a scenario

    Learner started nearly 12 months ago on an 18 month programme.
    Mid January he went off Sick with a Doctors cert (Stress Work related)
    At the same time as he informed us that he was sick, he also, told us he was actively looking for another employer where he could finish his apprenticeship. His employer is aware of this, but, will not let him go willingly. He is probably going to get his sick note extended.

    Any advice greatly received in advance. Thanks



    Temp withdraw him, if you haven’t already. If he’s off sick, that’s a legitimate reason for doing that and it also means that you can wait to find out what’s actually happening.

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