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  • Jo Phillips

    Hi there

    Please could I ask for some advise?

    We have a number of CEO’s from SME’s that have shown interest in the Senior Leaders Degree Apprenticeship, are they eligible as they would struggle to get a mentor inside their business?
    I am getting conflicting information on whether they are eligible, if you have any experience of this please could you let me know?

    Many thanks



    Martin West

    Hi Jo,
    Similar to your last question.

    As this standard is intended for those including a ‘Chief Executive Officer’ and all end point assessment is assessed by the EPO this is one of those situations where you would have to question if a mentor is necessary for this standard or if mentoring can be provided by the HE training provider.

    Where this is for ‘an existing job role, where the individual needs significant new knowledge and skills’ and they meet the other eligibility criteria I do not see any reason why this could not be undertaken and funded but this would only apply where the CEO is an employee, and his may be the difficult bit to establish.



    Jo Phillips

    Thanks again Martin,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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