Change of DAS, no change to learner

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  • Chris Williams


    We have an instance whereby a learner has started with an employer that is part of a “trust” and they have more then one DAS account.

    The learner was on programme and drew levy funds for 1 month.

    The Employer now wants to change where the Levy funds are being drawn (from another ‘trust’ in the group)

    Does anyone have advice on this. I can only think to end the learner, and restart them with reduced funds (as per a normal change of employer)



    Ruth CJ

    That’s odd. Most groups like that have one login, and from there they pick the organisation. However, the money still comes from the same shared pot. If there are two wholly separate pots, they must be separate employers. If they’re separate employers, then I’d say they can’t take the money out of a different pot, unless it was a genuine change of employer. If they haven’t changed employers, then surely they can’t just take money out of a pot of an organisation that isn’t the employer, unless it was a transfer of funds?


    Martin West

    Hi Chris,
    As the Apprentice must be an Employee of the employer to whom the levy A/C relates I would not think this is possible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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