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    We are an employer provider our EPA have reduced their prices. We are in the process of changing all our apprentices EPA price on the ILR to reflect what is now going to be actually charged, we are doing this for all this years learners and those from any previous funding years ( where they are still in learning so the reduced price will apply).
    We have 4 questions.

    1 – Are we right to take the above action ( our MIS chap is less than chuffed!)?

    2 – We are aware that making the change on the ILR is going to throw up errors and assume that once the errors are there it will open the DAS and we will be able to make the relevant changes on the DAS so that DAS and ILR match by end of August?

    3 – What do we have to do about the paperwork which will now have the incorrect EPA price and therefore total training price will be wrong on the commitment statement, apprenticeship agreement etc. Do we have to complete all new forms with new signatures etc dated this month and write on them that they are updated this month because of the EPA price reduction or can we just put some kind of letter etc in the evidence file confirming we have reduced the EPA price on the ILR in line with EPA price reduction and maybe get the apprentice and relevant manager to sign to show they have seen it?

    4 – Should we be doing anything else in relation to this EPA price change?

    Thank you so much in advance for any help.


    Martin West

    1. Yes you will need to update the ILR to reflect the revised EPA cost
    2. You will need to change the total price on your DAS to match the new revised price.
    3. The Apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement do not require the EPA price?
    4. Keep a copy of the revised price documentation from the EPA organisation.



    Hi, I work with Angela who submitted the questions above and we have followed the steps you suggested above. Now that we have submitted our ILR we are getting a DLOCK07 error on the App Data Match report = “No matching negotiated cost of training and assessment found.”
    We set the date of the new TNP2 to 07.08.18. Some of the changes have applied across the ILR and DAS although, are showing as only for the period 01.08.18 to 06.08.18, these are learners who have now been completed within this funding year. For others, who are continuing in to 2019-20 the changes on the ILR have not carried over to the DAS and are still showing the old values and have duplicate lines on the report:
    07/08/2018 00:00 31/07/2019 00:00
    01/08/2019 00:00
    We can’t amend anything on the DAS or the ILR now we assume? What if anything can be done and how do we stand re further funds being received?
    Also if we have duplicate financial records will this affect our achievement rates?
    We’d be most grateful for any advice or guidance please.




    The new price on your ILR should theoretically be pushed through to DAS in order for you and the employer to approve, but there is currently a known issue with this in some circumstances. I would check your provider DAS and check if you have ILR data mismatch alerts on there. If not you will need to raise this with the help desk.

    The the work around I was given was to ask the employer to nullify the existing DAS record by applying a stop to the record, dated before the apprenticeship start date, and ask them to add another cohort with all the same information but change the price. Not ideal with lots of records though. But check what they advise in your circumstance.





    We are having a similar problem, is there a timeframe for giving up on the hope that the change will push through automatically and we wont have to go to the drastic lengths of stopping and recreating records on DAS.



    We have been given a slightly different workaround by the helpdesk.They are suggesting that we stop the existing record and add a new record on the DAS for the new price which must be dated before the effective date of the TNP2, however we cannot change the date on the DAS as you can only change the month/year, not dd/mm/yy.

    Before we go ahead, wondering if any of your workarounds above have been tried and with what success?




    I have a question about an EPAO change. I need to change a learner’s EPAO from City & Guilds to Innovate but the original one is dated in 17/18. For the ILR, do I simply enter an end date for the City & Guilds EPAO and start the Innovate one the next day?

    I can’t see anything in the guidance about EPAO changes.




    In our experience I would be very very careful and maybe not do anything with R14 to give yourself plenty of time to make and changed. We did the right thing and made the changes above and have had nothing but problems ever since ( and literally hours and hours of work), and for a majority of those that were changed, no funding as it has caused DLOCK 7 errors that no-one seems able to help us clear. We have been given a workaround by the EFSA but that has just caused a DLOCK 9 error and time is getting shorter and shorter for R14.

    If anyone has any advice to help us we would be so pleased to hear it as it seems to us that the EFSA are trying their best but giving us either advise that just causes another error or is conflicting. HELP !


    Martin West

    Hi Martyn,
    There are two parts to changing the EPAO, you can change the EPAO reference in the End point assessment organisation ILR field EPAOrgID.
    If you also need to change the price you need to do this in the Apprenticeship Financial Record Entity Definition ILR field AppFinRecord by adding a new TNP2 with the new amount and date from when the change is to take place but you should be aware this will change the total agreed price and for a levy paying employer this will also need to be updated in the DAS account.
    To avoid any issues at year end you should avoid doing this in R14 as it is better to inform the employer first that a change will be required in the DAS account to the total price and arrange for this to be done in 19/20.

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