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  • sarahm

    I have a learner currently on an apprenticeship
    She is really struggling with the functional skills and has now applied for a learner loan so she doesn’t have to do them (she did score reasonably well on initial assessments, but is an older learner and not confident)
    My question is around the ILR, do I need to withdraw her and then add her on again with a new learning aim (diploma only)
    Or do I edit the entry to show that she is a loan now? and remove the functional skills and framework code?


    Ruth CJ

    You’d have to withdraw from all parts of the apprenticeship, and restart on the aims(s) that she is continuing with, but as loan funded and without without the framework bits this time. You can’t just change the existing enrolment from apprenticeship to not apprenticeship.

    If she’s going to be loan funded, you shouldn’t charge her what you normally charge, if she’s already completed some of the Diploma. We’d cut down her fee by the percentage she’s already done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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