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  • brownKU

    We have a number of leaners who are changing employer. Do we need have any wording in the new Training Services Agreement and the Commitment Statement to reflect this move?

    Our suggestion is a one liner for the Commitment Statement that states the learner will carry on with the learner plan set at the start of their apprenticeship and that the new employer will be responsible for the remainder of the plan from the date of new employment. And for the TSA we need to state how much of the fund has already been drawn down and therefore how much the new employer will be paying from their levy. Is that suitable?

    We’re still quite new to all this, so any guidance would be appreciated.





    Ruth CJ

    We don’t have anything special, they just sign the same stuff as usual. The price they agree to is a reduced amount, based on what we’ve calculated we had with the previous employer. They don’t really need to know the calculation.

    We’ve had a quite a lot of change of employers. I have a form we use for the Sales team to complete to give to MIS, so we know all the details of the new employer, dates of change, prices, refunds etc. Then we can make the appropriate ILR data changes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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