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    we have a learner who is wanting to go traveling for 6 months, is this a justified reason for a break?

    Also the employer is wanting to make the learner sign to say that if she does not return to the setting they will charge her for it. (for example for the 10% contribution that they has paid)

    As far as i am aware charges cannot be passed onto learners by the employer but i cannot see this is the funding rules.

    Anyone have any ideas n the two issues above?

    Thanks in advance.



    Martin West

    Cannot charge see Employer rules: The Apprentice must
    E55.4 Not be asked to contribute financially to the cost of training, on-programme or end-point assessment. This includes where the individual has completed the programme successfully or left the programme early. Costs include any co-investment or additional training and assessment costs, above the funding band, that you have paid directly to the main provider where this is part of the agreed apprenticeship.

    A 6th month sabbatical could be a valid reason for a BIL but it would be better to start the Apprenticeship after they return.



    Yeah, if they’re already in learning, I’d probably withdraw them, on the basis that them coming back and wanting to go back into the same job seems relatively unlikely, so you’ll just end up withdrawing them in 7 months time anyway…


    Martin West

    After thought.
    The funding rules require that the learner remains employed throughout their Apprenticeship and if they become unemployed, they must be withdrawn. If the break is required for an unpaid sabbatical then the learner is no longer employed and must be withdrawn, if it is a paid sabbatical then the learner is still employed and a BIL could be applicable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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