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  • paultaylor

    I have a question regarding the recording of level 2 functional skills on the ILR.

    The excerpt below from the SFA Funding Rules suggests that providers can claim funding for level 2 functional skills outside of the apprenticeship framework.

    Point 18 which clarifies this implies that this should be recorded like 16-18 learner responsive or 19+ classroom funding. If so then I think that this also implies that this would be claimed either through ALR or LR at the same time as the apprenticeship is being claimed. Is anyone else doing this? I was specifically wondering whether or not this would create an error for providers delivering ALR through their Adult Skills budget

    SFA Funding Rules – p33

    102. All Apprenticeship Providers must offer Level 2 Functional Skills or GCSE (with enhanced functional content) qualifications in English and Maths to all apprentices who have not yet achieved this level whether or not it is included in a Framework.

    103. Where apprentices have previously achieved Level 1 qualifications in one or both subjects, the offer of Level 2 study must be documented as part of the Learning Agreement.

    104. If an apprentice takes and achieves a Level 1 Functional Skills or GCSE (with enhanced functional content to at least Grade E) qualification in either English or Maths under Apprenticeship funding and is capable of achieving a Functional skills qualification at Level 2 then Providers can claim funding for this outside of the Apprenticeship Framework18.

    18 Funding for this additional Functional Skills qualification should come from outside the Apprenticeship Framework within a Provider’s wider Adult Skills Budget for 19+ or relevant 16-18 funding where available to the Provider.


    Paul Taylor


    Martin West

    Hi Paul,
    Providers must offer Level 2 but as only L1 may be required by the framework a learner will normally undertake this and this is funded as part of the framework.
    If the learner elects to do L2 under the ‘must offer criteria’ this is also funded as part of the framework.
    If L1 is completed within the framework the learner may progress to L2 but this is funded outside of the framework as indicated in the guidance.


    Caspar Verney

    I am unclear just where this has all got to, but I would sound a cautionary note.

    In previous years certain students started their Level 2 Key Skills (aka Functional Skills) during the NVQ Level 2 ER Apprenticeship, with the idea that they would progress to a Level 3 NVQ in the following academic year. However those students who did not return for their Level 3 were then counted within the success rates as having started their Level 3 NVQ (because they took the Level 2 Key Skills), but did not succeed – this had some appalling consequences for the success rates and did not emerge until after the Period 13 closure when it could not be corrected.

    As I say, I do not know just how this is treated now, but a College I work with now does not claim any Level 2 Functional Skills until AFTER the student has actually started their NVQ Level 3 course. This avoids the Success Rates pitfall, but on occasion does make the teaching unfunded if the Learner leaves before starting their NVQ Level 3 Main Aim.

    I wonder if anyone else can shed any further light upon this anomally, please?

    Many thanks,

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