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  • debbiebeattie

    Hi All,
    I hope someone can help me, I am sure that I read somewhere that you cannot claim any element of a framwork e.g a Functional Skill or a Tech Cert before 6 months on programme but now I am unable to find anywhere a statement relating to this. Can anyone help?


    Martin West

    Hi Debbie,
    I do not know of any such rule, are you confusing this with the RPL minimum duration of 6 months for 19+ Apprenticeships.


    David Neal

    Hi Debbie

    I’ve had queries from the SFA where the framework is <12 months (or 6 for adults with RPL) but not on Functional Skills (which we often do in under 6 months) ot the Technical Certificate.

    Para 126 & 128.2 of the Funding Rules refer to the SFA not paying achievement elements where the duration is not met. I'm not sure how this will apply in 13/14 now that the technical certificate has an achievement element.


    Martin West

    The 13/14 rules Par 134 refer to the Apprenticeship completion certificate only and this would only affect payment of the framework achievement payment and not the other component aims which could be completed in less time. As long as the length of delivery exceeds 6 months all achievement payments should be made.


    Caspar Verney

    Can I just clarify something, please?

    I think Martin has said elsewhere that achievement payments for an Apprenticeship are only paid on achievement of the whole program, meaning that component aims that are planned to complete earlier will not receive their achievement payment until the Program Aim is achieved. Now is that correct? Or will the achievement payment be made on achievement of the Component Aim?

    The latter seems a rather sneaky backdoor way of paying less for a perfectly good component aim, but perhaps there are counter-arguments?

    And is this limited only to Apprenticeships? Or can it apply to other “Programs”?

    Many thanks,


    Martin West

    A New Streamlined Funding System for Adult Skills Annex defines this in:
    Par. 65
    The achievement element will be 20% of the funding rate, which will be earned when the learning aim is achieved or, for competence and knowledge components of Apprenticeships, when the framework is achieved. In the future, all achievement elements will be earned on the actual end date.

    Is this a significant change from 2012/13, this may seem a simplistic approach but other factors have an effect on when payments will be drawn down. Even though earned on the end date the achievement date remains for all WPL delivery and as in the past this date will be used to record the achievement ‘evidenced’ date and trigger the actual payment for all WPL aims excepting for competence, knowledge, and apprenticeship element components of Apprenticeships which will paid on the achievement date recorded on the programme aim.

    In conclusion little has changed excepting that an achievement element is now included in all aims but as English and Maths achievement are separate government targets their achievement if undertaken as part of an Apprenticeship framework are recorded and funded independently of it.

    As programme aims are unique to apprenticeships there are no other programmes to which this could apply.

    Hope this all makes sense



    However, Item 8 in SFA Update 167 says:
    “Under the new funding system for 2013/14, payment for the achievement of the
    knowledge component of an Apprenticeship, on frameworks delivered over a period
    longer than 2 years, will be earned when the Apprenticeship framework has been

    I queried the implication for frameworks of less than 2 years and they replied (19th July Ref#24-472412):
    “This is correct, the knowledge component achievement payment will be paid immediately on achievement, not on the achievemnert (sic) of the whole framework.”

    I’m finding it hard to keep up with the documentation changes – I may have missed something with this.


    Martin West

    Hi David,
    Update 167 outlines relaxation where payment on achievement for the knowledge component will cause financial difficulties to a provider and that the SFA will consider this only as an exception. The reply you have had Ref#24-472412 is not recognised in the funding calculation specifications for 13/14 although this may be included in the transitional arrangements for carry over learners but the current documentation does not include the stipulated 2 year time period.
    It looks like we will have to wait and see what FIS actually does in these circumstances.

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