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    Has anyone picked up an issue with their 12/13 19+ Classroom learning QSR learners being double counted where they have had an ALN/ASN transfer?

    In 12/13 Training Organisations could claim ALN/ASN via the ILR. Where we have transferred learners on the ILR when ALN/ASN status has changed (Withdrawal Reason = 1) then these learners are appearing as non-achievers on the QSR.

    For apprenticeships these transfers were always discounted from the QSR. Is this an issue within the Classroom QSR for Training Organisations? This would not be an issue for most Classroom provision as Colleges were paid ALS through their allocation as opposed to on the ILR.

    I’ve raised this with the Data Service but would appreciate feedback if any other provider is experiencing this issue in their QSR data.




    Paul, it is an error, we had the same issue but with suspended learners the result is your success rate is wrong because those learners are counted twice for starts but only once for success. There was talk of the Data Service supressing the results from places like FE Choices. There is potentially the issue that it will have affected your Minimum Standards Report as well, worth checking. It is to do with Short and Very Short programmes, apparently the methodology has been amended for 2013/14 to bring it into line with apprenticeships.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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