Co-Investment – 16-18 and small employers

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  • jondarke

    I have some 16-18 learners who are employed by small employers (1-50 employees). The ILR contains the flag for the small employer yet the learners are appearing on the co-investment contributions report along with the required contribution. My understanding that in these circumstances the employer does not have to provide a 5% contribution for the training. Am i missing something?

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Jon,

    It may be that the EDRS number is flagging as more than 49 employees or what the data on companies house reflects too – if it’s more than 49, this is your problem.

    I’m presuming you are referring to the funding rules monitoring reports. Do you have a self-declaration from the employer to state has less than 49 employees to support you at audit?




    Thanks Mel. Yes i have signed declarations from the employers re the number of employees. They are all under 10 so how could EDRS or companies house data be so out of date / incorrect?




    It’s a good question, Jon! Have you checked the aggregated employees?

    Also, it depends on when EDRS has been updated. They use the latest data held in EDRS for this report. If the aggregated employees shows more than 49, then this could be why it’s flagging on your report as EDRS indicates that the employer, or any corporate group it is part of, has more than 49 employees.

    That’s all I can think of but as you know, anyone can update EDRS and herein lies the problem – the authorisation factor. And when it gets updated. If you have evidence to show you carried out your due diligence prior to the apprentice starting, then this should hold stead at audit. We take a screen printout of EDRS prior to processing the ILR to show our validation on the system at the point of enrolment, along with the self-declaration form. If the employer is signing to say less than 49 employees then that is your evidence. The onus is on the employer to show that they are eligible to full funding from the ESFA in terms of the number of employees they had 12 months prior to the apprentice starting. If you have all that, all you can do is annotate your report and unfortunately it won’t disappear.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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