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  • Jaci

    I have just asked our Software Provider “Why are we still completing old ILR fields” ie A50?” and was told that there are old fields that the Data Service require for carry in Learners. They no longer exist in the ILR Spec and I can’t find where this is written. Does anyone know?


    Simon France

    I would have thought that your software should collect all the data required for any years that are covered by the learners enrolment with you. For example, if a learner was on a three-year course then I could understand that certain fields would still need collecting that aren’t listed in the current spec.


    Martin West

    A50 was Reason Learning Ended (2010); this was superseded in XML by Withdrawal Reason and Actual Progression Route but many providers also use a Local – Reason Learning Ended for monitoring purposes.
    Most MI systems record data that is not required for the ILR but is useful data for providers for internal or external reporting.


    Alan Taws


    Your ILR batch data will not include A50 regardless of whether or not learners are carry ins. Your software provider explanation is entirely wrong – the Data Service can’t possibly require data that simply isn’t included in your ILR batch in 2012/13.



    I am aware from talking to a number of providers that when a field is withdrawn from the ILR some providers will wish to continue to collect that data in the same way as previously as they find it useful and want comparability over years. These providers lobby their sw supplier to leave a field in the MIS.



    I agree with Peter Ashton that some ILR fields although not required as part of the ILR specification are still very much important to the college, such as Reason for Waiver and Data Set amongst others.

    In the software we write (we are a small group of colleges who write our own software) the colleges themselves decide what fields they would still like to see. We have ‘enrolment wizard’ screens where the key data for that academic year can be entered, very useful at main enrolment, but we do have other screens available where other historic fields can still be accessed if required.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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