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    When the achievement results have been received and entered on MIS for each of the learning aims associated with an apprenticeship, can the Zprog learning aim code be completed at that point, or do we have to wait for the ACE certificate before being able to complete the programme of learning?

    Thank you



    the ZPROG001 framework achievement date is the date your claim is made on ACE (status changed to pending certification). You have up to 3 months to have the certificate on file (Funding Rules 13/14 – section 2 paragraphs 135-139).


    Pete Alder


    This is my understanding…

    You must wait until you are in a position to claim the ACE certificate before completing the achievement date of the ZPROG. i.e. have all the individual component certificates and a signed Apprenticeship declaration and Authorisation form. This form can be signed by the learner when they complete but can only be signed by the provider when all the components are achieved and the certificates are in. The achievement date for the ZPROG is then the date the provider signs the ADA form.



    Some Sector Skills Council will allow you to claim the ACE certificate with print-offs from Awarding body websites (such as Walled Garden), you then don’t have to wait for the certificates to arrive before you claim.


    Martin West

    Hi all,
    The date the ACE certification is made no need to wait for actual framework completion certificate but if the certification request is delayed or refused then the achievement date will need to be amended or remove as applicable.


    Garry Welborn

    Thanks everyone for your replies they are really helpful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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