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  • Samantha123

    Hi there

    Sorry to but I am a bit confused about how to complete apprentices on Standards. Is this correct: So when Gateway is reached this date is put into the Actual end date of the programme and we record 8 for outcome and 1 for Completion Status. When EPA is complete I then change the Completion Status to 2 and put what the Outcome is e.g. achieved. Then I change to actual end date in the programme to the date the EPA has been completed. Then this date is put in to all the components of the apprentice?

    Thanks for any help


    Sue Scott

    Hi Samantha,
    This is as I understand it:

    Learner completes all learning activities:
    • Enter the ACTUAL END DATE
    • Completion status 2
    • Outcome 8 (they have amended the validation rules to allow for this)

    Result of EPA result known –
     Change Outcome to 1 if learner passes
     Change Outcome to 3 if learner fails
     Achievement date (date EPA taken)

    Payment Triggers
    Completion incentive (when an apprentice completes their end point assessment) is paid using information from the following fields
     Completion status (2)
     Outcome (1 or 3)
     Achievement date – used as the trigger


    Ruth CJ

    The Provider Support Manual says;

    323. For apprenticeship standards ending in 2019 to 2020, the completion status ‘1’ must be recorded until the end point assessment is complete.

    So you have to to leave Completion Status as 1 until you put the Achievement Date in. This is new and odd, as we’ve never recorded anyone as Completion Status 1 but Outcome 8 and with an Actual End Date before.

    ILR validation rule CompStatus_02 (If the Learning actual end date is returned, then the Completion status must not be ‘the learner is continuing or intending to continue the learning activities leading to the learning aim’) excludes Funding Stream 36 and ProgType 25 for this reason.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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