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    Does anyone have a contact email address for the DAS? We have a data mismatch and I have emailed about 3 different addresses over the past 4 months and they have either told me they will look into it and never got back to me, or they have just not replied to my email- I’ve had the same data mismatch now for 5 months and cannot find someone to help, does anyone know who I can speak to?




    Hi Annie

    You can email




    Ruth CJ

    Also, you can call them on 08000 150 600. They’re open really late, and on weekends. I’ve had really excellent customer service from both phone and email.

    If it’s a data mismatch, it might not be something they can resolve. Have to also tried the ESFA helpdesk ( Considerably poorer customer service, but they know some things that the Manage Apprenticeships Service don’t.



    Once you call them or email them, the nightmare starts!! None of them can resolve the datamismatch issue when you think it is just technical issue and hope them to resolve it from thier end. Very bad customer service from Apprenticeships Service and I don’t think they understand the ILR data at all! You may get different advice from different people and make the situation worse!



    Hi Sunny

    That’s definitely the impression I’ve had from them as I have sent countless screenshots and explanations of whats happened and just had no reply..>!


    Ruth CJ

    Correct, the Apprenticeship Service don’t know the ILR, that’s what the ESFA service desk are meant to do. If you think it’s a technical issue, and are getting nowhere, have you tried contacting your ESFA Territorial Manager?



    Hi Ruth,
    I’ve only tried ESFA service desk. Did your ESFA contract manager deal with this and get the issue resolved?



    Ruth CJ

    I haven’t dealt with them regarding this specific issue, but they are meant to be a point of contact for you.



    I’m with Sunny & Annie. I have had 2 separate unsatisfactory experiences. If i know 100% that my ILR data IS correct, and the issue lies with the Apprenticeship Service/DAS side of things, then the query lays with them, not the Service Desk. Just being told to delete it all off and start again is not very helpful. The fact you can not use a 6 digit date does not help either, especially with progression learners.



    I ve found the apprenticeship service very helpful, and even though their response doesn’t provide the easiest solution, it is a solution based on how the software works.

    Being told to ‘delete it off and start again’ is the process, but a bit more technical than this. They inform you you have to ‘nullify’ the existing record by closing it off which in effect will delete it from DAS and then the employer will have to submit the cohort again so you can start from fresh. This is the only way to correct the data on DAS it seems.

    All lot of the issues we have encountered are due to the poor information on how to use DAS but the apprenticeship service are very helpful in resolving these to be fair, had a response within 5 minutes the other day!.

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