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    A Non-Levy employer would like me to create a cohort on their behalf for an apprentice that is being funded by Levy Transfer. However, when I go to create the cohort, it is taking me to a page that will reserve funding for the non-levy employer. Does this suggest that the employer has given us the wrong permission, or that they have set their account up wrong?



    I have the same situation with a couple of employers. The helpdesk told me it could either be that they have set the account up incorrectly, something to do with how they add their PAYE scheme or it could be that they have yet to make the connection with the gifting organisation. Sorry I don’t have an actual answer, wish I did, I’ve spent hours trying to help them.


    Sue Bishop

    Hi Both,

    This has actually been the bane of my life for the last month or so as we had a number of receiving organisations having exactly the same issue as you. The transferring employer (local authority) were absolutely no help whatsoever. The only way we managed to resolve this was to be sitting beside the employer as they logged in and tried to make the necessary connection. There’s a subtle difference in the wording on the Gov site – it’s either ‘reserving’ or ‘receiving’ and if the employer clicks on reserving then it takes them to the page which says ‘do you want your apprentice to start in Feb, March or April’. They need to click on receiving to set up the connection with the transferring employer.




    Hi Both

    Thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated. I have spoken with the DAS helpdesk again this morning and the person who I spoke with appeared to have better knowledge of the situation than the person I spoke with on Friday. They have now suggested that the employer needs to access their homepage, remove the PAYE scheme details and replace these with their Government Gateway ID. I am told this will resolve the issue. Once I have heard back from the employer I will let you know whether this has worked.

    My issue remains, however, if a non-levy employer has 2 apprentices, one who is funded by Levy-Transfer and one who they are reserving funding for, the above fix will only resolve one of those apprentices. DAS helpdesk have informed me to call them back if that situation arises so we will see.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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